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Hacking is all about learning. Gaining just enough knowledge to know how something works, and then using that knowledge to improve upon or just mess with it.

Jesse Congdon, Hack A Day

About Hackerspace Adelaide[edit]

We are a group of people with an interest in electronics and computing, who meet to share and work on our ideas. If you share this interest, you’re welcome to come along, and see what we do! You don’t need to be skilled in technical matters - we have people attend whose skills range from from textile art to designers of computer circuit boards. You can also sign up to our mailing list to find out what we do.

We're a part of the international Hackerspaces community.

We meet:

Please confirm the times with this calendar or the mailing list.


At previous hackerspace meetings, people have worked on:

Event calendar[edit]

This is our "official" event list - all of our meetings will be listed here. You can also view this calendar, and subscribe to it (using iCal).