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FH@T Badge
FH@T Badge
Purpose The FH@T Badge

The FH@T Badge is a collaborative project between Flinders University & Hackerspace @ Tonsley.[edit]

Flinders University and Hackerspace

The heart of the FH@T Badge is a programmable IC from Microchip; the PIC32MX250F128D is a 32bit micro-controller. A micro-controller can be considered a miniature single chip computer. The PIC32MX250F128D has 32,768 bytes of ram and 128 kbytes of program memory and runs at 40MHz.

Key Features: Arduino/Chipkit Library Compatibility

  • Microchip® PIC32MX250F128D microcontrollern
  • 40/50 MHz 32-bit MIPS
  • 128K Flash
  • 32K SRAM
  • 16 Digital IO
  • 12 Analog Inputs
  • Battery or USB powered
  • 64 LED Matrix
  • User push button
  • Programmed over USB

Board Files for UECIDE Media:FH@T_BadgeBoardFiles.zip

Program File Media:FH@T_Badge.zip

There is a GitHub link here

A video of the badge is available here

Badge Pinouts here

Building the FH@T Badge[edit]

To build the FH@T Badge refer to the instructions here Media:FH@T_Badge_Build_Instructions.pdf

Schematic file[edit]

This is the schematic of the FH@T Badge. Media:Schematic.pdf

Programming the FH@T Badge[edit]

To program the FH@T Badge refer to Media:Programming_the_FH@T_Badge-2.pdf

To get assistance with your FH@T Badge you can contact us at our facebook group