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This list is for people who want to order stuff, but don't care how long it takes and don't want to pay the full shipping cost.

To add your interest, add the store name, the date, your name, email and how much your order is worth (specify if not AUD) to this list.  You don't have to list what you want to buy. When you don't want to order anymore, please remove your name from this list.

If you are going to order stuff and want to save on shipping, check this list and email anyone who has registered themselves on this list.

This list is not a commitment to buy; you can change your mind whenever you want.

  • Put new entries at the top.
  • Please date your entries at the top beneath the title, by using the text ~~~~~ (5 tildes).
  • You should probably put something sensible in your heading, so it appears in the table of contents.
  • Delete your entry if you don't want it anymore!