SLA Printer

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SLA Printer
Purpose Make a DIY SLA printer
Status In progress

SLA Printer[edit]

A (possibly long term) project to make a laser-based SLA printer.

Similar to a Form1

We will use the laser galvos with a UV diode laser.


The Form1 apparently uses a 120mW 405nm diode laser.

  • Is this the best frequency? (some juices harden at up to 420nm).
    • 405nm is the most-violet diode commonly available.
  • How expensive?
  • Where to buy?


I'm happy to donate the Z-axis (and box if needed) from my Makerbot Thingomatic as it has a real lead-screw. It might be worth replacing the brass bushings on the stabilising bars with actual bearings.


Although there are "low-VOC" versions of the resins, they are still pretty stinky. I think we should make the enclosure pressure-negative, with exhaust going out the window at ANAT. I'm assuming that the amount we would be using this wouldn't be a problem, environmental-regulation-wise.

Team-Laser / Team-DLP[edit]

Some people have expressed interest in sourcing a DLP projector from Aspitech (or similar) to use instead of a laser. So, as much as practical, the design should allow for the use of alternate UV imaging sources.

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