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General electronics retailers[edit]


Old fashioned electronics store, City and Enfield (not related). Altronics reseller - Aztronics' prices are usually the same.
170 Sturt Street, Adelaide, SA 5000, Phone: (08) 8212 6212
470A Main North Rd, Blair Athol SA 5084, Phone: (08) 8349 6340
Hackerspace Adelaide has a Trade Price deal with Aztronics. Simply say you're from "hackerspace" and you'll get the trade price on all electronics, at both stores. (thanks Ralph!)
General electronics retailer. City, Gepps Cross, Modbury, Clovelly Park, Reynella.
Electron Hobbies
Adelaide based
Mostly RF gear, but some Arduino-esque stuff.
No brick-and-mortar location but it has a Prospect PO box ;)


Interstate retail electronics store. Sells SMT gear in reasonable quantities. Aztronics is a local reseller.
Element 14 (formerly Farnell)
Massive range, prices can vary. $13 shipping, free above $45. $10 minimum order.
RS Australia
Similar to Element 14. Their site isn't as easy to search RS now have a "NEW advanced parametric search", so you can more easily select the parameters you want. Free shipping, no minimum order!
Mouser reseller. $15 delivery below $200, free above.
Regular electronics parts and surplus. Some cheap LCD screens. Freight starts at $10.


Great prices, slow delivery (from Thailand - allow about 12 days). $4 delivery for orders <$50. If you haven't got the "order shipped" within a few days, ask them if you can remove parts if they're not in stock.
Tayda Electronics
Big retailer; free shipping over AUD60 or USD50
US based big retailer. Usually have free shipping above about USD20. Pay in USD; it's usually much cheaper than AUD. Orders can arrive in less than a week.

Hobbyist electronics[edit]

Also see #Hobby stores for robotics and mechanical parts


Apparently they sell stuff from the Practical Arduino book. Their website doesn't tell you much about them. Their SMT oven uses Twitter!
Little Bird
Shipping from $7.20.
Robot Gear
Shipping from $6.50.
Not the cheapest, but they have some interesting stuff. $5.50 shipping.
Raspberry Pi, Banana Pi, Beaglebone, parts, test equipment etc. About $10 shipping.
Aus E-parts
Raspberry Pi, Banana Pi, Beaglebone, parts, test equipment etc. Delivery from $9.20.
Geared motors, speed controllers. Shipping from $8.50.
Tronix Labs
Shipping $5. Hobbyist (Arduino, Pi, ESP8266 etc), robotics, general electronics, Adafruit reseller, random box
Core Electronics
Shipping from $3.
Ocean Controls
Pololu distributor in Seaford, Victoria
"We're a local online store based in Victoria, Australia. We stock a selection of small devices, kits, and electronic components for hobby and education needs."
Arduino, Raspberry Pi etc. Shipping from $6.75.

New Zealand[edit]

I don't think we pay GST (15%). Air mail should be about $10.

Bulk orders from Sparkfun.


Seeed Studio
Hobbyist parts, PCB manufacturing. Free shipping for USD50+.
Itead Studio
Hobbyist parts, PCB manufacturing. Shipping from $4.
Arduino clones, PC oscilloscopes, cheap 3D printing electronics kits. Free shipping.
Free shipping, they seem reliable
Hobby King
Parts for RC vehicles, and cheap Arduino clones. Registered shipping for $4. Some stock available from Australia (with higher shipping).
Hard to find breakout boards, if you don't mind the wait
All sorts of hard to find robot parts, controller boards etc. Shipping from USD19; try a reseller.
The Pi Hut
Sell Pi Zeros (one). GBP4 shipping.

Also check ebay and Ali Express for cheap Arduinos (and clones), USB-TTL adapters, LED displays etc. Unlike some stores, they have stock already and they're likely to dispatch stuff fairly quickly.


eBay can be a bit of a mine-field, so here are some sellers people have used regularly with success.

Caveat: they often send out of a $5 voucher with purchases. This only works on their website (not their eBay store), where conveniently, everything seems to cost about $5 more (it's such a soft scam I find it kind of adorable).
superelectronicsparts (aka may139188)
Dupont crimp connectors.

Hobby stores[edit]


Hott Hobbies
Pick up from Klemzig available
Model Flight

Not electronics[edit]



Wood working equipment, drill bits etc. Stepney

Metal casting[edit]

AMC Supplies
Somerton Park


CSM steel edwardstown

generally seem happy to cut steel to strange sizes in small amounts
Has a good shadow board for sizeing 
metalcorp grand junction rd 

Good for off cuts has a large section set aside for scrap off cuts Also has a scrap bin of small "useless" scrap that can yield treasure

Silicone and plastic casting[edit]

Rowe Trading
Casting substances like Smooth-On, like this. Richmond.


Large bits of foam. "If you dont care that its not perfect (slight defects from hot wire cutting), 2nds sheets are dirt cheap."


will sell you 300×300mm pieces of Acrylic for the "minimum cut charge" of $10. St Marys.

Also has a significant scrap supply for cheap and can be sweet talked if buying a few pieces Excellent for poly irrigation BSP plumbing and some NPT

A few people have said good things about City Plastics with their prices and service.

Specialist retailers[edit]

Oatley Electronics
All sorts of electronic crap surplus parts. About $10 shipping.
That's not garbage - Beverley
Various stuff that people normally toss out, intended for art projects
EL wire source
Cheap electroluminescent wire. From Canada, shipping $2.50 (a letter) - $10.00 (air mail small parcel).
Communications and USB products. Sydney.
small bearings, timing pulleys, timing belts, seals, o-rings, spur gears, mitre gears, internal gears, taper pins rod ends, and so on

PCB manufacturers[edit] comparison site

10 boards for about $1.40 each. 10 day delivery. Dan seems to be happy with them, but EEVBlog's Dave isn't so happy (also see these tips).
Fusion PCB by Seeed
Mark has had success with this
Hackvana by Mitch aka CapnKernel on #ozhs
From $19, fast turnaround available. As used in Mark's recent designs.
OSH Park
3 boards for $5 per in². Free shipping from US.
Dirty PCBs
TinySine (China)
Seems to offer SMT population (PCBA) too. Haven't tried them.
10 boards for USD10. 5 boards populated with resistors and capacitors for USD40.
From $12 shipped (5 80x50mm boards). Also good pricing on other sizes. Based in China it does cost to ship in a reasonable time. John had an issue with a larger order and they replaced it free of charge.
From USD5 shipped with DHL

Also see the Element14 forum.

3D printing[edit]

Diamond Age
from NZ. Sells ASA (UV resistant ABS). From NZD10 shipping.
Bilby 3D
Printer parts, filament (PLA, ABS, PET, proprietary). NSW.
Inition Thinglab
Printer parts, filament (ABS, PLA, HIPS, ASA, PET, Nylon, flexible). Victoria.
3D Printer Gear
Mostly filament and commercial printers. ABS, PLA, HIPS, TPU, Nylon, proprietary etc.
3D Junction
Online only but in SA, orders generally arrive next day (also Adafruit and E3D distributor). No filament.
3D Fillies
1.75mm and 3mm ABS, 1.75mm PLA, PETG, ABS, TPU; under $30/kg delivered
PLA, ABS, TPE, TPU, PETG. $10 delivery.
Blueprint 3D
PLA, ABS, ASA, HIPS, Polycarbonate, etc. Sells small quantities. Free delivery over 0.5kg.
1.75mm (only) ABS and PLA, 3 for $74, free shipping over $50
3D Printing Solutions
Bricks and mortar store, Para Hills West.
Cubic tech
eSun filament reseller. $10 shipping.
Pantech filament from Flora Livings on ebay
$27 for a kilo of or ABS, 1.75mm only, also Carbon Fibre and wood, 2 day delivery from Vic. Recommended by Tony H.