Prusa i3

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Prusa i3
Prusa i3
Status In progress


Members at Hackerspace have finally gotten around to finishing the assembly of this printer.

At the moment, the printer is still being calibrated/messed with.

Currrently, the printer is being optimised for ABS with an all metal Hexagon Hotend and a Wades extruder printing onto Kapton tape.

EDIT: As of 22/11/2014, now using ABS juice instead of Kapton tape.

The printer, printing!

What's been done[edit]

  • Printer fully assembled
  • Heated bed MOSFET moved to external heatsink
  • New Hexagon hotend to replace the unusable original hotend
  • Cooling fan for hotend fitted with zip ties
  • Printed loads of junk prints, like all printers
  • Finally fixed bug - when starting a print, Z goes up then goes back down and ignores endstop
  • Designed a part to attach a 40mm fan to the hexagon hotend: File:Hexfan.stl (needs printing)

What needs to be done[edit]

  • Optimise for faster than slowpoke speeds EDIT: DONE. Now back at default Slic3r speeds.
  • Continue messing with firmware for max accuracy and print quality.
  • Tidy the wiring (like this will ever get done?) EDIT: DONE. Sort of. Arduino/RAMPS now mounted correctly.
  • Try Nylon filament as it is not often printed due to high flow temperature.


Latest firmware (A work in progress):

Heated Bed[edit]

The PCB heat bed has been replaced with a 230v silicone heat pad attached to a sheet of borosilicate glass. Here is a teardown video of the cheap SSR that is using the old 12v line that was powering the PCB bed to switch 240v Older Firmware: