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An (as yet) unsorted list of similar groups that you might be interested in: (no guarantee any of this info is up to date, please check, update and add more!)

FabLab Adelaide
Laser cutting, 3D printing etc for the community and business. City.
SANE: South Australian North East Makerspace
Loads of tools for woodworking, metalworking, computer controlled tools etc, and courses. Holden Hill.
Hallet Cove Robotics Club
Robotics workshops run at various public libraries around the city.
Adelaide Robot Combat
SA Microprocessor Group
South Australian PIC User Group
Retro Computing Group
Playford Robotics Club
(expression of interest form spotted at Playford Civic Centre Library, possibly to be run by Hallett Cove Robotics)
RoboGals Adelaide
Code Club Australia
Adelaide City Council Innovation Lab
Virtual reality, 3D printing, science club
Gawler Micro:bit Club
"Join our Micro:bit Club to explore the hundreds of different activities and resources available. Age Group: 10 - 14 years.".
Campbelltown library discovery club
"Discovery Club is the perfect opportunity for parents and children to discover new technology together."
Space for Exploring Everything Digital (SEED), Marion
"SEED allows people to explore and have fun with emerging technologies while offering learning opportunities to improve digital literacy and support innovation in our community." Events for kids and grown-ups.
Geek Sc#ool and Minecraft Club Charles Sturt Library
"Geek just got cool! Not your average school. Welcome to GeekSc#ool. Learn, play, interact with new gizmos, gadgets, robots, coding and tech." / "Dive into the world of Minecraft! Build, mine and stockpile in creative mode and fight mobs and the ender dragon in survival mode."