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Please add your details to this page, in order of surnames. You can include "name", "phone", "email", "irc", "wiki", "site" and "twitter". All fields but "name" are optional.

There's also a "skills" field. List anything here you don't mind being asked about at Hackerspace sessions. Include any hardware and software skills, electronics skills (digital electronics, RF etc), or building skills (welding, or maybe you have built many things and you can suggest how to build something new). Also list any resources you have available to you, perhaps computer or electronics wholesalers, special machines, contacts for sourcing parts etc.

Ryan Leach

Phonex4188234xx where x = 0
Emailryantheleach with gmail
HackADL IRCryantheleach
Wiki userUser: Ryan The Leach
Skillseasy target to pick on, doesn't mind

Simon Loffler

Emailsimon.loffler (at) gmail (dot) com
HackADL IRCsighmon
Wiki userUser: Sighmon

Jamie Mackenzie

Emailjrrmackenzie ∂τ 𝔤𝔪ⲁὶl
HackADL IRCGillerire
Wiki userUser: Gillerire

Jorn Navarre

Emaildr.jorn ∂τ gmaildotcom
Skillssoldering,fixing mobile phones,auto mechanics,hoarder of dead electronics,bargain hunter

Steven Pickles

Phoneclick to calculate
HackADL IRCxiq
Wiki userUser:pix
Skillslinux,ubuntu,debian,c++,python,processing,arduino,pure data,java,rails,MySQL,PHP,openGL,RepRap project,MakerBot

Damien Presser

Emaildamiensp or atheren ∂τ 𝔤ጠⲁὶl
HackADL IRCdamien, damien1, damiens-phone
Wiki userUser:Damien
SkillsJava, Python, Groovy, Linux, AVRs/avr-libc, basic electronics, some web stuff

Steve Roehrs

EmailYou can find me on gmail at firstname.lastname
Wiki userUser: SteveRoehrs
Interestslinux,arduino,music,home automation,music, solar power,aquariums

Paul Schulz

Emailpaul ∂τ
HackADL IRCpschulz01
Wiki userUser: PaulSchulz
SkillsLinux,FOSS,Perl,C,Arduino,12V power generation,reprap,physics

Nicholas Spragg

Emailnjspragg ∂τ
HackADL IRCalphie
Wiki userUser: Alphie

Dan Thompson

Emailfrankenegger ∂τ 𝔤𝔪ⲁὶl
Wiki userUser: Dan Thompson
WebsiteMy Blog

Kylie Willison

Wiki userUser:kira0030
Interestslinux,FOSS,textile arts,craft,teaching,genealogy

Troy Wright

Wiki userUser:Troy
SkillsLinux,Windows,Embedded,Hardware,.NET,C,ARM Assembler

Roger Laws

Emailroger.laws99 with gmail
Skillsancient programming, working on arduino, curious

Robert Hart

Emailrobert at hardhack dot org dot au
Wiki userUser:Hardhack
Skillselectronics and construction
Intereststechnology, science, astronomy and environment