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Key Master RFID door access system
Key Master RFID door access system
Hackerspace Adelaide's RFID/NFC door access system
Purpose To announce one's entry to a hack session
Time spent 10 man-hours
Cost About $200
Status In progress

An Arduino based RFID/NFC door access system that sends users welcome information to LED signs in the hackerspace, as well as pinging the future hackerspace website to count user visits to the space.


  • Ability to use cheap RFID fobs available from hackerspace adelaide.
  • Ability to use Android (and iOS?) on phone NFC for entry.
  • Talks wirelessly to an in house LED board.
  • Talks over the internet to the hackerspace member website.

Parts list[edit]


ATR vs ATS[edit]

It sounds like ATR values are made up by the reader, partly from the ATS.

From the spec, section

For contactless ICCs, the IFD subsystem must construct an ATR from the fixed elements that identify the cards.

That section describes the format of the ATR.

Other Software/Hardware options[edit]


  • SNARC courtesy of Lemming.

Similar Projects[edit]


  • Finish writing the python card reading code.
  • Write the API for the Rails member site.
  • Write the Arduino code to display welcome messages to the LED board.


  • Any recommendations for different hardware to use is more than welcome.
  • Post ideas for future functionality here or to the email list.
  • IDEA: ensure the RFID reader is compatible with the NFC devices in mobile phones, so we can use mobiles as well as fobs
  • IDEA: ability to buy drinks using your fob and pay via paypal?
  • IDEA: ...