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The RepRapPro Huxley was unceremoniously disassembled on 22 November 2014. Here are some ideas about how to rebuild it.


Huxley X and Y axis, I3 Z axis[edit]

One of the tricky bits with the Huxley getting the frame square. We could build it again but be more careful, but where's the fun in that?

Huxley rebuild i3 z.png

  • Keep the X and Y axes, the extruder and heated bed from the Huxley, since they work fine
  • Add a plywood frame like the Prusa i3 for the Z axis
  • Enclose the electronics and much of the wiring in a box, to tidy things up
  • Add a fan to the top of the electronics enclosure for the heat from the FETs and the stepper drivers

Mini i3[edit]

Looking at the frames on the i3, the x and y axes from the Huxley should fit nicely into a i3 Z axis. It needs scaling down first!

Rebuild as-is[edit]

Since nothing has happened for several years, just rebuild it. Maybe replace the Z threaded rod with lead screws - the files x-idler-bracket.stl and x-motor-bracket.stl will need updating.

Build log[edit]

2014-11-29 Heated bed[edit]

The heated bed always caused problems with not getting to temperature. It's high resistance (about 3.6Ω) means it's only useful at 19V, and we have as many high current 12V power supplies as you want (from computer servers). We cut the trace half way around and wired the two halves in parallel; this gave a resistance of about 1.6Ω and drew 7.5A from 12V. The 19V laptop supply will now be inadequate (it's rated at 7A). A dodgy test with a multimeter probe showed it running about 30℃ higher than before. We'll need to cut a notch in the aluminium plate to accommodate the extra wires, and confirm that the MOSFET on the heated bed can handle the current.