Automated Sentry Gun

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Automated Sentry Gun

The friendly looking yellow and orange Nerf gun mounted on a re-purposed robot arm is from Mark.

It's designed to have a LeoStick plugged in to the control board, with the code from this GitHub repository on it.

According to Mark, this code is on it right now. It may be exactly the same as the GitHub repo above.

Various caveats:

  • Don't trigger the firing mechanism without ammo loaded (dry fire) as it will damage itself
  • Ammo is currently missing (somewhere at Adelaide Uni, ask Mark or Geordie)
  • Steppers expect 24v
  • Firing mechanism expects 12v
  • 5v logic is provided by the computer connected to the LeoStick.
  • The attached computer would normally be running the OpenCV software from the GitHub repo mentioned above.
  • The webcam (commonly a Logitech 9000) is mounted on the top of the gun.